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MADO is an integrated system developed for the corrugated cardboard and box-making industry by persons who have been operating in this industry for decades.

It was developed and is updated with one guiding objective at all times:
To assist decision makers in an extremely complex and challenging industry such as corrugated cardboard and box-making to devise, implement, monitor and adjust strategies and operational decisions in a fast and effective way, on an ongoing basis and while taking into account immediate operational constraints and longer term trends and objectives.

To achieve this goal, the MADO team is a rare combination of dedicated professionals from the corrugated cardboard and box-making industry whose combined expertise covers all areas of the organization with top-class IT players that are constantly on the cutting edge of technology.

It is always a pleasure for us to talk with like-minded professionals of the industry we love.

This eclectic mix was done to empower Mado with both the industry vision and the informatics skills needed to achieve this, always.

Our values centre on these core ideas

Constant improvement

MADO is using state-of the art technology and keeps developing to maintain its edge. We do this to make sure our partner Organizations always have the best tools to keep constantly improving to always be the leaders in their markets.

Resources optimization and preservation

MADO is developed to offer Organizations the tool to optimize their resources usage to optimize both their cost structure and environmental impact.

3D Empowerment

This means empowering our 3 constituencies:

  • Users, by simplifying their routine tasks, by offering them real-time analytics and by notifying them when to intervene.
  • Top management, to always have the necessary analytics, by assisting in the decision-making through analytics and by devising tools for operational control and deployment.
  • The Organization, by allowing it to seamlessly devise flows, policies and their implementation; by allowing it have detailed real-time analytics of both its internal operations and its external environment; by allowing it to have realistic strategic scenarios based on real data and insights through AI.
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