Integrated ERP System

MADO is an integrated ERP system based on an array of core and optional modules that can cover all areas of a corrugated cardboard and box-making Organization as a stand-alone solution and otherwise as the integrator and enhancer of existing systems the Organization wishes to maintain.

Operation Management

To assist in managing the operations at a complex Organization, Mado is developed based on the following paradigms

Constant Monitoring

Constant monitoring of operations and real-time comparison with planned or budgeted outcomes.

Scheduled Reports

Regularly scheduled pre-defined reports with highlights sent to each user as per his profile

Automatic Escalation

Automatic escalation if the issue is not solved within the Organization-decided timeframe and as per its decided outcome

Tasks Alert

Enable each user to see what tasks he needs to complete at his level and highlight ones that need immediate attention and intervention

Realtime Dashboards

Real-time customized dashboards

Immediate Notification

Immediate notification to the concerned of any issue or incident

On-Demand Reports

On-demand reporting always available to each user as per his privileges

Strategic Management

To assist on the strategic level, MADO is developed based on the following paradigms

No Extra Input Requirements

There should be no extra input requirements for strategic reports to guarantee the reliability of data, i.e the data should be inherent to the operational workflow, and reaped automatically from there

Full Scale Monitoring

Full scale monitoring to achieve both targeted objectives and to fully map causality relations within the Organization through AI

Sensitivity Analysis

Sensitivity analysis based on historic data as well as forecasts and newsfeed through Mado’s AI capabilities


Budgeting, comparing and notifying of discrepancies at Organization-defined intervals for each issue and its magnitude

Full Data Simulations

Full data simulations based on historic data as well as forecasts with both user-defined parameters or AI suggested ones

Operations Modules

The operations modules are the modules developed to allow a user-friendly, secure, reliable execution of operations as well as their constant monitoring and reporting.

* In cooperation with dr.corr
Strategy Modules

Strategic and advanced analytical reports and simulations, AI-generated scenarios, AI-generated causality links.

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